Farm fuel

BFS have been supplying farmers with their fuel requirements since 1969.

Whether it's gas oil for tractors, forklifts, industrial heating, or other off-road equipment; kerosene for heating and driers; or derv for four-wheel drive vehicles, BFS have a reputation for delivering fast, efficiently and securely.

Our long experience of working hand in hand with our sister companies, BFS Fertiliser Services and BFS Farm Services, enables us to understand fully the requirements of today's farmers. Crucially, we know they want their heating oil and fuel promptly, and at competitive prices. We have recently launched BFS GasOil Ultra, which reduces filter blockages in agricultural vehicles. For more information, download our new leaflet.

Our large BFS tanker fleet and our experienced, local drivers ensure that BFS oil reaches farmers precisely when they want it, and hassle-free.

BFS guarantees:

  • free on-farm service
  • prompt delivery
  • free advice on oil storage
  • total reliability.

Contact us at for your next delivery or ring 01245 425251.

Farm fuel

"BFS do exactly what they say on their website. Orders are carried out by efficient staff with a no-quibble service."
Samco (Buying Co-operative)